About Us


We are committed to providing a variety of practical, comfortable, and stylish fashion products for children who want to inspire and be inspired by what they wear, sending a positive message of empowerment, resilience, and courage to achieve extraordinary things in life.
Our success is built around a solid set of values such as quality, design, and
unrivalled customer service, which are the stepping stones for everything that we do on a daily basis.


At The Resilient Kidz, we are all about fashion with a purpose. You’ll see, for us it’s just not about what kids wear, but also about what message they convey through their fashion, and we feel very enthusiastic about it!
Our products are paired with a message of resilience and motivation, through quotes and graphics that are meant to remind them about the importance of courage, and pursuing their dreams, despite where they come from, or what’s expected from them. We design fashion for bold kids, setting them on a journey of personal growth so they can rewrite the rules and create a better world.
We also know that when it comes to fashion, quality and design matter. That’s why we go the extra mile and source high quality fabrics and materials to make sure our products don’t only look great, but are also durable and comfortable.

Together we can help our kids build Resilience! Help them to feel it, be it, and wear it with The Resilient Kidz, we ship nationwide!

How we began...

Being a mother of 3 girls, I faced many
challenges throughout my life that have tested my ability to bounce back and become stronger. I have always wanted to instill the same resilience to my daughters, letting them know that life can get hard sometimes, but it is what you do with those challenges that determines where you end up, and who you can become.

I want kids everywhere to know that they can achieve extraordinary things in life, despite their upbringing, their challenges or their shortcomings. I also strongly believe that your background should not determine the way you live your life.

I have always been interested in the fashion industry, and have constantly come up with ideas for different kinds of clothing. This lifelong passion for creating things led me to finally make the decision to go down that road, in order to explore my creative side. In other words, I decided to write my own narrative, and empower children to do the same.

It is my passion to help children reinvent themselves for the better. Bringing more style into their lives is what keeps me going, and I feel very passionate about it.
Join us on this quest to help children create a better future for themselves, and our society.